How long will Barking Obito wheat-free dog treats last and how should I store them?
Unopened packages of biscuits will generally last up to 3 months. This is because our entire dog treats range does not contain any preservatives. We recommend the contents be consumed within a month of opening the pack. To maintain freshness, transfer the contents to an airtight container or reseal the pack securely after each use. Biscuits can also be frozen for long term storage (up to 1 year). Skippy Pop treat has a shelf life of 3 years, we achieve this without using artificial preservatives by using unique thermostable processing technology to remove as much moisture from the powder as possible. Dehydrated Chicken Curry will generally last up to 1 month at room temperature and to about 6 months if refrigerated.

How do you test your dog treats?
The dog biscuits,jerky and Skippy Pop producs are tested by Obi, Barking Obito Chief Taste Tester. We generally work on a dog treat recipe until Obi is completely satisfied with how it tastes before we release them into the wild. Maddie our foster dog normally helps Obi with taste-testing duty as well.( The only animal testing we approve)

I would like buy your biscuits for my dog but he/she is allergic to one of the ingredients. Would you be able to tailor make the biscuits?
Yes, in most cases we can. Please contact us at woof@barkingobito.com.au with detail of your dog's intolerance. Most of the time we can substitute the ingredients with something else that is equally good. We believe every dog deserves access to healthy and delicious treats, so we will try our best to come up with something good for your pup too!

Do you support any rescue group?
Yes, every month we donate 10% of the sales to a rescue group. Some of the rescue groups we have supported in the past include DFL Rescue, Staffy Rescue, Australia Working Dog Rescue, AWLQ. LabraDog Rescue and Fresh Start Rescue. Every purchase helps save lives!

What is Obito Special Edition?
Every few months we like to feature a new flavor combination to tease your pet’s appetite, just like humans, dogs also like to try new things. 

What postal service do you use?
Orders are sent either via Fastway courier, Couriers Please, Toll, TNT or Australia Post depending on location. Orders sent via Fastway courier will require signature on delivery but you can provide an Authority To Leave by simply providing instructions during checkout in the box provided (for example: 'Please leave at the front door if no-one home') . Unfortunately, neither we nor the courier company are liable for lost or stolen deliveries when an Authority to Leave has been provided. Otherwise, a calling card is usually left which you can call to arrange another time. The back of the calling card allows you to sign an authority to leave for the next delivery time. We generally do not accept PO BOX since most of our orders will be handled by courier to keep the shipping cost low, however in certain cases we can make exceptions. If you are unsure you can email us at woof@barkingobito.com.au

How to determine which courier is used to ship my product based on the tracking number?
  • Tracking Number that starts with VA,XA, or ZA = Fastway couriers eg XA0005053837
  • Tracking Number that starts with CPA = Couriers Please eg CPAFXLC0085185
  • Tracking Number that starts with R = Australia Post eg R431564020122872
  • Tracking Number that contain all number = Toll eg 8378360063141

    What is the shipping cost and how long delivery takes?
  • FREE shipping for all orders over $50
  • $5 flat rate shipping for all orders below $50
  • $12.95-$19.95 for express shipping ( depending on weight)
  • Orders are generally dispatched within 3-4 business days after receiving cleared payment. Delivery times generally range from 1-10 days. Please note these delivery times are only estimates, so it may vary. 

    Do you offer express shipping?
    We can organise express shipping for you for $15.95-$19.95 depending on the weight of the product, we recommend you to use this option if you live in WA and would like to order jerky products. 

    Do you provide international shipping?
    We are keen to serve international customer as well, unfortunately at this stage our online store only accepts shipping within Australia. We will endeavour to expand our services to other countries. Please do not hesitate to introduce yourself to us at woof@barkingobito.com.au and letting us know which country you are from.